Joseph Pilates recognized each person has different capabilities. As a child growing up in Germany he had rickets,asthma and rheumatic fever. His sickly nature as a child inspired him to seek information and methods that would strengthen him physically. These years of exploration of medical and physical methods used throughout history led to the development of Pilates. As a physical therapist I’ve seen individuals with massive injuries make incredible recoveries through discipline, practice, focus, determination and a positive outlook. You can do Pilates, EVERYONE can!

Pilates is a WHOLE BODY EXERCISE! The mind and body work together sending messages back and forth to each other to further refine YOUR movement increasing YOUR awareness. You will learn to breath more deeply more often. Joseph said, “Breathe is an internal shower for the body.” How good does a shower feel? Wonderful, you will make your inside feel better after you spend time focusing on your breath. You will be more relaxed, tension will dissipate and your shoulders and neck will relax, a sense of calm will permeate through your body. I will add a breathing podcast explaining methods to improve your breathe. Download it onto your iPhone. It’s an exercise you can do in the car, in line at the store, or a myriad of other places. Don’t let your body define you, Define your body by taking control of how you feel and how you move. Pilates can do this for you if you commit!

I will add weekly updates to the Pilates Scoop. I’m looking forward to hearing about the progress you make in your Pilates practice.

Thanks for joining me. Kathleen