About Me

My first introduction to the Pilates method didn’t just flick on a lightbulb in my head–it was more like 50 floodlights switched on! I “discovered” Pilates during a course to fulfill continuing education credits for my physical therapist’s license.

That moment in the floodlights was a big deal to me because I’d been looking for a way to care for my physical therapy patients more holistically. I wanted to treat the underlying causes of their ailments: inflexibility, poor posture, muscle weakness, etc.headshot

To me it was clear by the way they moved–by the way they walked, reached, sat, leaned, stooped, and stood–that physical therapy alone wasn’t enough.

So I wanted to know more about Pilates. A lot more. I took Pilates certification courses in mat, rehab reformer, and chair. I began weaving these Pilates methods into my physical therapy practice.

Eventually I became certified through the Core Fit Program taught by Mary Ames Brown, who trained at the prestigious Pilates Center of Boulder. After taking the National Certification Test given by the Pilates Method Alliance, I then began teaching Pilates classes as often as possible. I loved it.

I’m still a licensed physical therapist, but I spend most of my time teaching Pilates in the Saint Louis area.